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Why should you write for College Sports Madness

  • Get in on the ground floor of an exciting new college sports website.
  • Use your knowledge and passion for college sports to get national recognition.
  • Get your insight and knowledge to a national audience without the hassle of maintaining a blog or website.
  • You can write articles that are of interest to you or we can suggest topics that we would like to see.
  • We have editors who will work with you to optimize your articles and our team is dedicated to help you develop your writing skills on a one on one basis.
  • When you take the trouble to write a story we will make sure that it gets posted on a timely basis.  We have the resources to continuously add material to the site.
  • College Sports Madness provides a platform for the fans of a large number of college sports, many of which are not covered by other major sites.
  • While we are not able to pay initially, as our site develops, we expect to offer editor positions to our key contributors and plan to offer a profit sharing program for writers.

To see which areas College Sports Madness is especially looking right now, visit the writer’s immediate needs section.