Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz's Omaha Productions Debuts Full Court Press at Star-Studded Indiana Premiere

Women’s basketball — especially women’s college basketball — is having a moment. The college finals were watched by an astounding 24.1 million, a stat Nielsen said made it “the most-watched basketball game — at any level — since 2019.” Shortly after, 2.45 million watched the WNBA draft — another record-breaker.
Peyton Manning, Jamie Horowitz, and their company Omaha Productions just added to the excitement of this season =with the premiere of their highly anticipated docuseries Full Court Press at a glamorous event in Indianapolis on Monday. The four-part series, produced in partnership with State Farm and ESPN+, offers an unprecedented look into the thrilling 2023-24 season of collegiate women's basketball stars Kamilla Cardoso, Kiki Rice, and Caitlin Clark, the superstar who went first in the draft and whose Indiana Fever jersey sold out at Fanatics.
The Tobias Theater was abuzz with excitement as a dazzling array of sports luminaries, including Clark herself, Manning, South Carolina coach Dawn Staley, and Iowa coach Lisa Bluder, graced the red carpet, gathered to celebrate these extraordinary athletes and the pivotal era they represent in women's basketball.
A Groundbreaking Look Into the Lives of Rising Stars
Full Court Press delivers an intimate portrait of Clark's record-breaking final season with the Iowa Hawkeyes, Cardoso's journey to becoming a champion with the South Carolina Gamecocks, and Rice's standout performances at UCLA. The series captures far more than on-court heroics, delving into the challenges these collegiate stars face, from intense public scrutiny to balancing academic commitments with their athletic careers.
"It's really good. I honestly wish it was more episodes because there's so much amazing content that we captured, especially with just the runs all three teams had in it," Clark remarked about the series. "But you just got to watch and find out. I can't give away too much, but it's really good."

Jamie Horowitz: The Executive Behind Omaha Productions' Success
The success of Full Court Press can be attributed to the synergy of Peyton Manning's deep understanding of professional sports and Jamie Horowitz's influence on sports broadcasting. Horowitz, often referred to as the father of modern sports talk shows, has played a pivotal role in shaping many of today's most popular sports talk programs, including First Take, SportsNation, Undisputed, and Numbers Never Lie.
Horowitz's creative vision, combined with Manning's invaluable insights as a Hall of Fame quarterback, has positioned Omaha Productions as a trailblazer in innovative sports content, as witnessed by its Netflix smash hit Quarterback. The company boasts an impressive roster of productions, and Full Court Press is set to become its latest triumph, further solidifying Omaha's reputation for engaging, wholesome sports storytelling.
“Full Court Press is the exact type of content we like to produce at Omaha Productions,” said Jamie Horowitz. “It celebrates amazing athletes and gives sports fans a window into what it takes to succeed. We were lucky to partner with Caitlin, Kamila, and Kiki – they are gifted players and they gave us incredible access to their lives this season.”
Women's Basketball’s Biggest Cheerleader — Peyton Manning
Manning, who pitched the idea to Clark and serves as an executive producer, expressed his enthusiasm for the project. “We want this to be a positive piece, to show them in their best light,” the former QB said. “So that’s what I told Caitlin. ‘You’ll find we’re not a distraction, and you’ll have ideas for what we could witness.’ The whole goal is to have this be a memento for them.”
Manning's passion for women's basketball stems from his close friendship with the late Pat Summitt, the legendary University of Tennessee women's basketball coach, during his college years. His involvement in Full Court Press is a testament to his commitment to elevating the sport and its rising stars.
And it didn’t hurt that Clark captured the world’s interest this season. "I think there's always other women's basketball legends supporting women's basketball. That's never been the issue,” she said. “It's almost other sports, and I think that's grown so much, whether it's football players, whether it's men's basketball players, whether it's golfers, swimmers. You can go down the list of the amount of professional athletes, or even just public figures, famous public figures that are now supporting women's basketball and investing in women's basketball, watching it, showing up, supporting it."

A Must-Watch Event
As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, fans eagerly await the television debut of Full Court Press on ABC this Saturday and Sunday, starting at 1 p.m. ET and 12:30 p.m. ET, respectively. The series will also be available to stream on ESPN+ and Hulu following its premiere.
This groundbreaking series isn’t just a victory lap for an unforgettable season; it's a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the athletes who embody the game and a celebration of women's basketball's meteoric rise.
Full Court Press is poised to become another hit from Omaha Productions, delivering an intimate look at the dedication, resilience, and willpower it takes to compete at the highest levels of collegiate basketball. Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz hope that fans will walk away with a deeper appreciation of the players and the game, fueling women's basketball's momentum and inspiring a new generation of fans and athletes.