Thomas Tuchel becomes a driving force against the current - and pulls the FC Bayern bosses right along with him


Thomas Tuchel is putting his heart and soul into FC Bayern and his team. "Didi" Hamann takes a different view, splits and immediately receives a tit-for-tat response from the record champions' management.

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel during the narrow victory in Augsburg

Munich - Nobody can claim that Thomas Tuchel is constantly moping about the tense personnel situation at FC Bayern or complaining about the misery. Anyone who has watched the record champions' coach on the touchline recently has rather seen a combative version of the Swabian-born coach, a Tuchel who goes the extra mile and sometimes takes on the opposition. The 50-year-old's exchange with Augsburg sporting director Marinko Jurendic, captured by the TV microphones, was emblematic of this.

Even though Tuchel has been seen in a different light this season - namely grumbling - it would be foolhardy to claim that the Bayern coach does not identify with his Munich mission and has his mind elsewhere - in Spain, for example. However, if you listened to the comments of Sky chief critic Dietmar "Didi" Hamann at the weekend, his comments put Tuchel more in the mold of a coach who is concerned with migration scenarios. Hamann laid it on pretty thick. There's no doubt that it's fun to catch up on sports news, but playing slots with lucrative bonuses can be even more exciting. Try out the huge collection of games at Richard casino no deposit bonus.

FC Bayern coach Tuchel's honest words trigger Hamann tirade

"Tuchel and Bayern Munich is the biggest misunderstanding since J├╝rgen Klinsmann. It doesn't fit together - and he knows that by now. He has fallen out with many players, the atmosphere in the team is not good," said Hamann on the talk show "Sky 90". This was preceded by Tuchel's fan club visit to the "Red Stars Heidenheim" in the Swabian Ostalb. With all the folklore that accompanies these traditional outings - Tuchel, for example, had to do some stein-stemming and did remarkably well - they are also a source of new ideas for debate.

Tuchel did a great job when he mused that he would be tempted by the prospect of another stint abroad, especially in Spain. Whether one should freely express these thoughts in an environment where everyone expects a hymn to FC Bayern? That's a matter of opinion. Shortly after Xavi announced his departure as coach of FC Barcelona, however, Tuchel's thoughts were met with incomprehension by some - especially Hamann. "Then he sits down and talks about Xavi, about his successor and that he would like to coach in Barcelona or Spain. That's cheeky," said the former international: "He's a very intelligent man, he doesn't just slip out something like that. But he needs to know one thing: If you're an employee of FC Bayern, messing with the management - that is rarely a good idea."

FC Bayern bosses demonstratively back Tuchel

While it's common knowledge that Tuchel, under contract until 2025, doesn't always choose his words diplomatically, he doesn't shy away from expressing himself openly. The term "holding six" from the end of the previous summer transfer period should be enough to explain. Surprisingly, the management in question didn't perceive his comments as offensive; instead, they saw it differently.

Even though Thomas Tuchel has been dealing with the flu lately, he's expected to lead Bayern Munich in their upcoming match against Borussia Monchengladbach.

The coach, who used to work with Chelsea, couldn't make it to training on both Wednesday and Thursday because he wasn't feeling well. This raised concerns about whether he'd be part of the Saturday Bundesliga game at the Allianz Arena. However, Bayern's Sporting Director, Christoph Freund, is feeling positive about Tuchel being there on the sideline, especially as Bayern wants to put pressure on the top team, Bayer Leverkusen.

Freund shared that Tuchel is set to attend training at Sabener Strasse today and is getting better. They're hopeful he'll be able to join the game tomorrow.

On the day before the match against Monchengladbach, Tuchel took charge of the training session. Nousseir Mazraoui returned to the group after Morocco's time in the Africa Cup of Nations, and Joshua Kimmich, who was healing from a shoulder injury, is back in light training. Brian Zaragoza, the newest addition to the team, also trained with his new teammates for the first time.

In December, Bayern had announced that they signed a 22-year-old forward from Granada, with plans for him to join at the end of the season. However, due to injuries, Zaragoza's arrival was moved up through a loan switch.

Freund explained that this wasn't the original plan, but injuries forced them to discuss possible solutions. Eventually, they decided to bring him in earlier. During his introduction, Zaragoza mentioned that he was initially supposed to arrive in the summer, but things changed. He thanked Granada and acknowledged the unique opportunity he now has.

Bayern strengthened its team during the winter transfer window, signing three first-team players, including Eric Dier from Tottenham and Sascha Boy from Galatasaray.

Freund shared, "Our aim was to make our defense stronger by getting a center-back and a right-back. We are happy with the results. Although the situation with Bryan was unexpected, we acted quickly and signed the contract faster. We'll keep an eye on the situation in the next weeks and months, but I'm hopeful and happy that we're heading in the right direction."

Last weekend, Monchengladbach had a 0-0 draw with the league leaders, Leverkusen, whom they hope to challenge alongside Bayern. Manager Gerardo Seoane explained his plans, emphasizing the need for an excellent performance against top teams. He also mentioned that the other team should have an off day. Although they couldn't press higher against Leverkusen, sitting back worked well. Their plan is to counterattack faster and use space more effectively than they did against Bayern last weekend. They're fully prepared for the upcoming clash, intending to perform at their best in all areas.


In conclusion, Thomas Tuchel's journey with FC Bayern has been marked by resilience, outspokenness, and a relentless commitment to his team's success. Despite facing criticism and differing opinions, Tuchel has emerged as a driving force, not only on the field but also in navigating the complexities of football management.

The recent exchange with sporting director Marinko Jurendic and the comments from Sky chief critic Dietmar "Didi" Hamann showcase the challenges Tuchel faces in the public eye. Hamann's critique, labeling the union of Tuchel and Bayern as a misunderstanding, reflects the ongoing scrutiny and diverse perspectives surrounding the coach.

However, Tuchel's ability to express his thoughts openly, exemplified by his honest musings about coaching abroad, demonstrates his candid approach. While some, like Hamann, may find it cheeky, Tuchel's intelligence and willingness to explore new possibilities have set him apart.

Even amid a flu-induced absence, Tuchel's expected return to lead Bayern against Monchengladbach symbolizes his unwavering dedication. Sporting Director Christoph Freund's optimism and the management's support further highlight the cohesion within the Bayern camp, emphasizing a united front against external criticisms.

As the team faces challenges on multiple fronts, including the signing of new players like Bryan Zaragoza, Tuchel's impact extends beyond the pitch. His resilience against the current and the management's backing underscore a shared commitment to success.

In the upcoming clash against Monchengladbach, both Tuchel and Bayern are gearing up for the test. The team's strengthened defense, signified by winter transfers, reflects a strategic approach to bolstering their capabilities. Meanwhile, Monchengladbach's manager, Gerardo Seoane, outlines a plan for a formidable performance against top teams, emphasizing a need for excellence and capitalizing on strategic advantages.

In essence, Thomas Tuchel's journey with FC Bayern is a testament to the intricate dynamics of football management, where resilience, candidness, and strategic decisions play pivotal roles. As the season unfolds, the collective efforts of Tuchel, the management, and the team will determine their success, with each challenge serving as a stepping stone toward their shared objectives.