Georgia Tech Baseball 2022 NCAA Tournament Capsule


Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

ACC (34-22, 16-16)

Coach: Danny Hall
Key Field Players:
Chandler Simpson, Sophomore, IF, .418 BA, 21 RBI, 23 SB
Kevin Parada, Sophomore, C, .356 BA, 26 HR, 85 RBI
Andrew Jenkins, Sophomore, IF, .386 BA, 17 HR, 63 RBI
Tres Gonzalez, Sophomore, OF, .335 BA, 53 RBI
Stephen Reid, Sophomore, OF, .321 BA, 15 HR, 57 RBI
Drew Compton, Sophomore, IF, .287 BA, 14 HR, 57 RBI
Tim Bordon II, Sophomore, IF, .316 BA, 18 HR, 53 RBI
Key Pitchers:
Chance Huff, Junior, P, 7.34 ERA, 4-4 W/L, 61.1 IP, 66 SO
Marquis Grissom Jr., Sophomore, P, 5.40 ERA, 58.1 IP, 55 SO
John Medich, Senior, P, 6.14 ERA, 4-4 W/L, 55.2 IP, 58 SO
Zach Maxwell, Sophomore, P, 5.96 ERA, 5-0 W/L, 45.1 IP, 73 SO
By the Numbers:
Batting Average: .323 (2nd in nation, 1st in conference)
Double Plays per Game: 0.41 (285, 14)
Doubles per Game: 1.93 (108, 7)
Earned Run Average: 6.50 (218, 13)
Fielding Percentage: .968 (161, 12)
Home Runs per Game: 2.02 (6, 2)
Scoring Offense: 9.4 (5, 1)
Slugging Percentage: .555 (5, 2)
Stolen Bases per Game: 0.91 (167, 8)
Triples per Game: 0.30 (56, 2)
Recent Postseason Appearances:
2021Regionaldefeated Indiana State, lost to Vanderbilt, defeated Indiana State, eliminated by Vanderbilt
2019Regionaldefeated Florida A&M, lost to Auburn, eliminated by Auburn
2016Regionallost to Connecticut, defeated Bethune-Cookman, defeated Connecticut, eliminated by Florida
2014Regionallost to Washington, defeated Jacksonville State, eliminated by Washington
2013Regionallost to Illinois, defeated East Tennessee State, defeated Illinois, defeated Vanderbilt, eliminated by Vanderbilt
2012Regionaldefeated Charleston, lost to Florida, defeated Charleston, eliminated by Florida
2011Regionallost to Austin Peay, defeated Southern Mississippi, defeated Austin Peay, eliminated by Mississippi State
2010Regionaldefeated Mercer, defeated Alabama, lost to Alabama, eliminated by Alabama
2009Regionaldefeated Georgia State, lost to Southern Mississippi, defeated Elon, defeated Southern Mississippi, eliminated by Southern Mississippi
2008Regionaldefeated Louisville, defeated Lipscomb, lost to Georgia, eliminated by Georgia
2006Regionaldefeated Stetson, defeated Vanderbilt, defeated Vanderbilt
2006Super Regionaldefeated Charleston
2006CWSlost to Clemson, eliminated by Cal State Fullerton
*all team stats through 5/22